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FJ3500 Personal Radiation Dosimeter
Product Code : FJ3500
Product Name : FJ3500 Personal Radiation Dosimeter

Details :
FJ3500  Personal Radiation Dosimeter

◆Detector: GM counter (compensated) 
◆Measuring range: Cumulative dose equivalent: Hp (10) 0.0 μSv-9999 mSvDose equivalent rate: Hp( 10) 0.1 μSv/h-10 mSv/h 
◆Relative error: < ±15% (1"Cs) (10 μSv/h- 10 mSv/h) 
◆Energy response: 50 keV-1 .3 MeV, the error iswithin ±30% 
◆Angle response: Reference "Cs does not exceed the calibration direction when 0° -90Response soil 30% 
◆Alarm function: the alarm threshold can be set continuously, when it is greater than the set alarmthresholdSound and light alarm, continuous alarm when the counting tube is blocked, the sound intensity of thealarm is greater than 80 dB at 30 cm 
◆Power consumption: one AAA 1.5 V alkaline battery (No. 7 battery) environmental backgroundUnder continuous use for 72 hours, power consumption < 3 mW 
◆Dimensions: 50(width) x 72(length) x 14(thickness) 
◆Weight: 60 g 

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